• CPC (UK) seeks distibutors outside the UK

    22nd September 2015

    CPC (UK) are currently seeking distributors outside the UK for our refrigerant leak detection products. Interested companies can contact us at

  • CPC (UK) at Chillventa 2014

    24th July 2014

    We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of refrigerant leak detection equipment at Europe’s premier refrigeration products exhibition ‘Chillventa 2014’. The event is held biannually in Nuremberg, Germany and this year will be between 14th and 16th October. You can find us on stand 619a in Hall 1.

  • Amendments to the F Gas Directive

    1st June 2014

    The F gas directive which was first introduced into the UK in July 2007 has recently been amended by the European parliament. The original objective of the directive was to contain, prevent and thereby reduce the emission of F gases as outlined in the Kyoto protocol. The changes introduced will have a dramatic effect on the refrigeration industry and the implications need to be understood by owners of HFC based refrigeration systems. The most immediate effect of the regulation is a change in the frequency of manual leak checks and a mandatory requirement for fixed position refrigerant leak detection on systems beyond a specific size from 1st January 2015.

    CPC (UK) have issued a bulletin to explain the changes regarding manual leaks checking and fixed position refrigerant leak detection.

    Full details of the directive can be obtained from the European commission website on climate change or the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board website

  • IR-em2 can now be used to monitor for refrigerant leaks in VRF based air-conditioning applications

    12th May 2014

    We are pleased to announce that our IR-em2 can now be used to monitor for refrigerant leaks in VRF based air-conditioning applications. A stainless steel face plate fitted over a standard electrical back box is used as the sampling point to extract air for analysis. The plate is available with/without audio visual alarm indication to warn occupants of a refrigerant leak. A bulletin has been issued to provide an overview of refrigerant detection in this sector entitled ‘Does your air conditioning system require refrigerant leak detection?’ In addition we have also released a new IR-em2 brochure specifically focused on the VRF air conditioning market.

  • CPC (UK) launch RD-em product range

    1st May 2014

    With the increasing popularity of VRF based air-conditioning systems in hotels, luxury apartments and offices the demand for refrigerant leak detection as required by EN378:2008 has increased.

    CPC (UK) released the AD-em product in 2010 as a compact surface mount product to suit this market. From discussions with our customers we realised there was a requirement for a more compact and stylish flush mount product. As a result we have launched the RD-em product range which fits inside a single gang electrical back box. The product is available as standard with either a white plastic or stainless steel face plate. Where required we offer custom colour face plates to compliment the electrical fittings within the room.

  • IR-em2 now included on the Government's Energy Technology List

    6th January 2014

    The IR-em2 is now included on the Government’s Energy Technology List.

    Products included on the list entitle the end user to claim enhanced capital allowances which ultimately reduces the cost of the purchase. Both the 8 and 16 channel models are listed. Full details of how to benefit from the scheme can be obtained from the ETL website:

  • Important & Exciting Changes ahead.

    13th April 2012

    Due to continuing success we have invested in a new 564 sq mtrs of modern manufacturing and office facilities based in Thorpe,Surrey. The new facilities comprise of 362 sq mtrs of manufacturing, storage and testing areas, and a total of 202 sq mtrs of conference facilities and office space. Read more


  • Does your Air-Conditioning System require Refrigerant Leak Detection?

    Air-conditioning in hotel bedrooms, offices and luxury residential properties is becoming increasingly popular with significant numbers of VRF systems being installed. In recent years the number of fan coil units connected to each condensing unit has increased and as a result so has the overall refrigerant system charge.

    Currently all the VRF systems installed use HFC type refrigerants and if the gas leaks into the atmosphere can be hazardous to health and detrimental to the environment.

    Does your Air-Conditioning System require Refrigerant Leak Detection?

  • F-Gas Update Bulletin

    As a supplier and manufacturer of refrigerant leak checking and fixed refrigerant detection equipment we have outlined below the implications and requirements of the revised ‘F’ gas directive regarding these two activities.

    F-Gas Update Bulletin

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