Refrigeration Pack & Condenser Control

Network connectivity enabling intergration into management systems with standalone control capability.

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Features & Benefits

As a distributor and system integrator for Emerson Refrigeration controls products we have an extensive array of electronic refrigeration controls equipment to offer.

Our primary focus is to provide refrigeration control solutions which offer our customers optimal performance with minimum energy consumption.

We can provide compressor and condenser control solutions which employ products from one or more of the Emerson companies and are selected to suit your application. The electronic controls manufacturers include Dixell, Alco and Computer Process Controls.

As a net result we are able to offer a range of products which will control screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and scroll compressors, including the digital scroll as well as condensers.

At a Glance

  • Staged and variable speed capacity control for compressors.
  • Digital scroll control.
  • Fixed and variable speed condenser control.
  • TD and pressure based condenser control.
  • Autonomous and centralised system control options.
  • Optimised control to float suction pressure for energy reduction when networked to system manager.

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