Benefits of our Products

CPC (UK) is a leading edge producer of energy saving and gas detection products. The complete family of products add value by allowing customers to achieve their requirements at a lower cost.

Carbon Reduction

The carbon footprint for companies who use refrigeration equipment is based upon the direct impact of CO2 emissions from the power to run the equipment as well as the secondary impact of refrigerant leakage to the atmosphere. Reducing your carbon footprint will have a positive and direct impact on operating costs as well as helping the environment.

CPC (UK) offer a range of products and services to enable refrigeration system owners to reduce their CO2 emissions and lower their running costs.

Energy Reduction

Significant energy reductions can be achieved in many refrigeration systems through a combination of initiatives. By replacing inefficient equipment, improving control and optimising performance many of our customers have witnessed energy reductions in excess of 30%.

Typically we undertake turnkey energy reduction solutions for our customers to enable them to focus on their core business. We have a comprehensive product portfolio combined with industry expertise to enable our customers to reduce their energy bills and increase profitability.

Refrigerant Loss

Refrigerant leakage to the atmosphere can result in product loss, cause systems to operate inefficiently and is detrimental to the environment. Some refrigerant gases are also toxic in sufficient concentration. Equipment owners will incur service costs to locate, identify and repair the leak as well as replacement refrigerant. Many of the commonly used refrigerants have very high Global Warming Potential (GWP). The 'Greenhouse' effect of loosing 1kg of R404A to atmosphere is equivalent to driving a family saloon car over 11,000 miles!

CPC (UK) offer a range of fixed and portable refrigerant detection equipment so leaks can be identified and pinpointed quickly to minimise consequential issues.

Cost Saving

Early identification of small refrigerant leaks reduces the cost of having to replace lost refrigerant. Early warning alarms and data logging reduce the emergency repair costs associated with finding and repairing refrigerant leaks. A refrigerant detection system can help reduce the possibility of downtime of production or sales and helps protect against expensive stock losses due to plant failure.

Refrigerant detection and energy initiatives can prevent high energy usage due to inefficient refrigeration or HVAC systems. A refrigerant detection system will help prevent injury to site personnel or the general public and provide greater protection against expensive injury claims.

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