Simple gas leak alarm monitoring

The IMEC-RAD provides alarm monitoring and power for multiple refrigerant leak detectors together with an easy to view display and Ethernet interface for remote monitoing.

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Features & Benefits

The IMEC—RAD is a simple and effective monitoring device for up to 32 or 64 remote refrigerant gas leak detectors. The IMEC-RAD provides a 24 volt AC supply to each RD-em refrigerant leak detector and monitors their alarm status. An Ethernet interface provides access to view and configure the IMEC-RAD using a web browser. The front fascia can be customised to provide site specific infor-mation to suit the application.

The display fascia provides clear visual indication of the alarm status of each remote gas leak detector from the red/green high intensity LED’s with unused channels being switched off. A green LED indi-cates a healthy status, red LED indicates an alarm condition and a flashing red LED signifies a latched alarm which has returned to its normal condition. Depressing the reset button inside the enclosure will return the alarm to its normal condition.

Installation & Operation

Easy to configure and view.

Using the Ethernet interface, the IMEC-RAD is easily configured . Web pages allow access to digital input Ethernet and general unit settings. Real time input status, alarm history and configuration can all be viewed , using a web browser

Quick and Easy Wiring

Well spaced screw terminals provide connections for alarm signals and remote gas detector power.

All terminals are clearly marked, and are in logical order to speed up wiring during installation.


RD-em gas leak detectors

The IMEC—RAD can be used in conjunction with RD-em refrigerant gas leak detectors, available from CPC (UK). RD-em leak detectors provide a discreet stylish product, ideally suited for hotel rooms, offices and residential properties. The RD-em is availa-ble with a number of different standard fascia's, with custom colours available on request to suite your requirements. The RD-em sits inside a flush mount electrical back box (Not nor-mally supplied) with a range of cover plates to compliment the electrical switches and sockets fitted in the room. Each micropro-cessor controlled RD-em is provided fully configured ready to monitor the environment for refrigerant leaks and initiate an alarm before health and safety limits are exceeded.

Remote alarm annunciator

If multiple IMEC-RAD panels are installed and distributed throughout a building, a remote alarm annunciator can be used to verify when a unit is in alarm. The remote alarm annunciator can be fitted at a central location such as a reception desk or lobby to report alarm status for up to 6 x IMEC-RAD 32 Channel control panels. The alarm status for each IMEC-RAD is indicated via an LED with an audi-ble alarm to prompt attention. The text on the fascia is custom printed to suit each application

At a Glance

  • Tri-colour LED alarm status indication for 32 or 64 digital inputs / gas detectors
  • 24 volt power supply for each RD-em refrigerant gas detector
  • Ethernet interface for configuration and status information available from a web browser
  • Individually configurable inputs, normally open, normally closed time delays and latching
  • Common alarm relay for interfacing to remote alarm annunciator
  • Real time alarm and event history log

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