Analogue and Digital Input Monitoring

Digital and Analogue alarm monitoring with easy to view display and ethernet interface.

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Features & Benefits

The Imec is a simple and effective monitoring device for up to 32 digital inputs and 3 analogue inputs with an ethernet interface which can be remotely viewed from a web browser.

The display provides clear visual indication of the status of each digital input from the red/green high intensity LED's and can be either surface or flush mounted.

The 3 analogue inputs can be individually configured with individual alarm thresholds and time delays. Unused channels can be switched off.


The Imec RA has a display with a legend configured for multiple compressor pack applications. The display will indicate the status for 10 compressors, 6 condenser fans, common safety control inputs as well as indicating and initiating alarms for suction pressure, discharge pressure and refrigerant receiver % level. From a PC the inputs can be individually configured with an option to link the faults to a common alarm relay. Each input can be configured with time delays and set to latch.


The Imec RAD is configured for 32 digital inputs for monitoring refrigerant leak detection units in hotels or apartment blocks. The LED's indicate the status of up to 32 refrigerant leak detectors and can be configured to energise a common relay in the event of an alarm. When viewing through a web browser the time/date of each alarm can be determined as well as viewing the configuration. Custom overlays for other applications can be prepared for alarm indication and status details of up to 32 digital inputs and 3 analogue inputs.

At a Glance

  • LED alarm status indicator for 32 digital inputs and 3 analogue inputs.
  • Ethernet interface to enable configuration and viewing from a web browser.
  • Individually configurable inputs, normally open, normally closed, time delays and latching.
  • Each input can be configured to operate common alarm relay.
  • Real time clock with alarm history.

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