Handheld Gas Detection


Portable Low Cost Leak Detector

A portable low cost hand detector of CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs with an automatic background contamination compensator. The TEK-Mate is efficient and reliable in finding leaks even in harsh and damp conditions.

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Features & Benefits

The TEK-Mate uses a high / low sensitivity switch, variable intensity audible alarm and a variable frequency flashing LED to assist the user in pin pointing leaks.

The lightweight, simple operation and long lasting performance on two D-size batteries have helped make the TEK-Mate a favourite amongst portable detectors.

Technical Overview

Technical Overview
Sensitivity to: HCFC's & HFC's R410A and R134A - 7 Grams / Annum
Controls: 3-position slide switch (off, low sensitivity & high sensitivity).
Power: 2 D-size (1.5 volt) alkaline batteries.
Contamination Adjustment: Automatic.
Weight with batteries: 700 grams.
Operating temperature range: -27°C to +50°C.
Probe: Chrome-plated flexible metal. Approximate length 43cm.
Sampling System: Positive displacement pump.
Applicable Standards: CE, EN14624.


TEK-Mate 705-202-G1
Sensor 703-020-G1
Filter Kit 705-600-G1
TEK-Check (Calibrated Test Leak) 703-080-G1

*Specification subject to alteration.

At a Glance

  • Patented heated diode sensor technology.
  • Positive displacement pump.
  • Variable intensity audible alarm.
  • Sensitive to all HCFC & HFC refrigerants.
  • High/Low sensitivity switch.
  • Supplied in heavy duty case.
  • Lightweight & cost effective

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