Introducing our upgraded Single Point Environmental Monitor


The SP-ir provides single point gas detection using non dispersive Infrared advanced technology for HFC, HFO, CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Our redesigned model maintains the same level of reliability as its predecessor while incorporating highly visible status indicators for enhanced usability.

Our new SP-ir model continues to offer the accuracy and selectivity of IR technology in an easy to install single point diffusion detector with a remote or local sensor.

  • In conclusion

    The SP-ir stands as a cutting-edge solution for single-point gas detection, utilizing advanced non-dispersive Infrared technology to ensure precision and reliability. With a redesigned model that enhances usability through highly visible status indicators, this detector is not only dependable but also user-friendly.

    Whether you are dealing with HFC, HFO, CO2, or hydrocarbon refrigerants, the SP-ir's accuracy and selectivity make it a standout choice.

    Our team is ready to provide further information and assist you in finding the ideal gas detection solution for your requirements.

    Full overview of the new SP-ir

  • At a glance

    • Wide Operating Range (-25c to +40c)
    • Easily visible LED Status Indicators
    • Integrated Self-Test
    • Smartphone Application Interface
    • Single or Dual Alarm Threshold modes

    For a comprehensive overview and to explore how the SP-ir can meet your specific needs, we invite you to contact us.

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